Finding the Right Personal Training

It can be hard for most people to carve out tome to workout. They want to look better and feel better but they don’t know where to start. They lack guidance and motivation. Too often, they let past failures hold them back. This time, it can be different though if they have the right program in place.
As a personal trainer, I get the opportunity to work with diverse people. They come from all backgrounds with a variety of personalities. They also have different fitness goals, barriers, and motivators. I start out by identifying their strengths and using them to help them get the most for their efforts. At the same time, I try to help them identify weak areas that sabotage their results.
With a positive mindset, carving out time to show up and give it 100%, and focusing on goals they can make changes. I create a personalized training program for each of my clients. I want them to succeed and to make positive changes now and for the rest of their life. It is important to find out what they desire. Do they want to lose weight? Get stronger? Tone their body parts?
There isn’t a one size fits all approach, and I am proud to see the efforts I put into it working for those who take part in personal training with me. I challenge them so it isn’t going to be too easy. However, I don’t set the up to fail either so it isn’t going to be impossible for them to accomplish.
Working as a team, we create overall goals. Then we break those larger goals into smaller milestones. I have found when my clients are able to see results and to reach a goal, they are very proud. It helps them to continue to strive to meet the next one on the list. Eventually, they get to the point where they will reach that ultimate goal. It is so rewarding to me when I see them get there. They have worked hard and put in the time to get those results.
Seeing the complete transformation through personal training is worth it to me. This is what gives me the patience, the dedication, and the desire to help each of them. Making the workouts fun is also on the agenda. Too often, people see working out as a chore. It is one more thing they don’t want to do. It is no wonder they find excuses to get out of it.
When they work with me, we engage in a variety of exercises so they don’t get bored. I also take the time to show them the correct way to complete each exercise. It is important to do this in order to reduce the risk of injuries.
Communication is essential with any type of personal training experience. I always encourage, give feedback, and ask my clients to talk to me about their fears and their growth. With my help, they are able to get beyond those common barriers which have held them back in the past.

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